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Title: Geologist - Environmental Health

$20.36 - $34.31 / Posted thru: 11-22-20

Employee Name: TBD

Supervisor: Bill Farrell

Purpose: The person in this position is responsible for providing environmental geological and hydrogeological technical support for sites of chemical contamination. They will be responsible for interpreting the geological and hydrogeological characteristics as they relate to contaminant migration and effectively communicating this information to staff assessing human exposures to chemicals. This position works in cooperation with other federal, state, local health, and regulatory agencies. The person in this position interacts with the public, local officials, and legislators via meetings, telephone conversations, emails, and field visits, responding to community health concerns and providing information to protect public health. The person in this position will be responsible for the concurrent assessment of several sites and will prioritize the sites to most efficiently make data evaluations needed to provide public health protective recommendations. The person in this position will make site visits to assess environmental conditions and to communicate with local stakeholders. The person in this position may lead public information meetings to provide site related information to the public.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conducts or reviews hydrogeologic investigations to determine soil conditions, depth to water table, direction and velocity of groundwater flow, and chemical characteristics of the soil and groundwater.
  • Preparation of conceptual site models, geologic maps, cross-sections, groundwater contour maps, iso-concentration maps and other maps/figures, etc. that visually depict both the current and potential future migration of contaminants in environmental media.
  • Evaluates environmental sampling data to identify the representativeness for evaluating human exposure potential.
  • Develops multidimensional cross-sections and isopleths and contour maps to interpret subsurface conditions for a variety of site evaluations.
  • Maintains knowledge of sampling procedures, and other geological and scientific issues relevant for assessment of contaminated sites.
  • Advises the U.S. EPA, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, and other regulatory agencies on samplings designs and strategies to ensure data are sufficient to assess human health risks for public health assessments.
  • Collects water, soil, and air samples from in and around contaminated sites to support public health assessments and evaluate efficacy of mitigation measures.
  • Reviews hydrogeological data, detailed work plans, and location of proposed and installed monitor wells for evaluation of human exposures.
  • Compiles, collects, interprets, and guides additional data collection related to past site conditions to assist in reconstructing past human exposures for public health assessments, including assessment of association of health outcomes with past exposures.
  • Documents environmental data in reports, that along with toxicity, exposure, and/or health outcome information is used for public health recommendations.
  • Develops guidance and training materials associated with evaluation of site characterization data for public health assessment, including interpretation of geological, hydrogeological, and environmental data for other subject matter experts in DHHS.
  • Advises the U.S. EPA, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, and other regulatory agencies on samplings, designs and strategies to ensure data are sufficient to assess human health risks.
  • Provides technical expertise to industry, academia, and state and federal agencies for the evaluation, development, and improvement of guidance associated with site characterization and mitigation related to assessing human exposures and risks.
  • Discusses site-related concerns with and answers questions from the public on the Toxics and Health Hotline, via email, and at public meetings.
  • Leads/collaborates with other agencies to develop factsheets and nontechnical reports on sites of environmental contamination for affected communities, local healthcare providers, local safety and government officials, and legislators.
  • Provides information about contaminated sites and the health assessment process to the mass media via approved departmental channels.
  • Provides input and editorial assistance for reports and section evaluations.
  • Participates on interview teams.
  • Provides site briefings for upper management.
  • Documents work time spent on different projects and activities.
  • Consults with toxicologists and attends trainings.


Education: Possession of a bachelor's degree in geology, geological science, hydrogeology, geophysics, or geological, petroleum, or mining engineering.

Alternate Education: Possession of a bachelor’s degree in environmental geoscience, earth science, or environmental science with 15 semester (23 quarter term) credits in the following core geology classes: physical geology, sedimentology/stratigraphy, mineralogy/petrology, structural geology and field instruction; additionally, the candidate must have 21 semester (32 quarter term) credits in elective geology coursework; and two courses each in calculus, chemistry and physics. This may be substituted for the educational requirement.

Experience: No experience is required. One to two years of professional experience in carrying out geological activities to protect, develop and maintain natural resources is preferred.

Important Skills and Characteristics:

  • Knowledge of the science of geology, including physical geology, historical geology, mineralogy, stratigraphy, glacial geology, economic geology, hydrogeology, geomorphology, paleontology, petroleum geology, structural geology, petrology, geochemistry, geophysics and geologic mapping.
  • Knowledge of the distribution of geologic systems in the state.
  • Knowledge of environmental regulations pertaining to the design, construction, and monitoring of waste disposal facilities.
  • Knowledge of the methods used in the collection, analysis and reporting of geologic field data.
  • Knowledge of the various processes used in well drilling and well construction for water, oil and gas, mineral wells, disposal wells, exploration drilling, and various types of monitor wells.
  • Ability to prepare geologic maps, cross-sections, and fence diagrams.
  • Ability to prepare groundwater contour maps and flow nets.
  • Ability to maintain records, and prepare reports and correspondence related to the work.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with others.
  • Ability to maintain favorable public relations.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements: The employee may be exposed to unpleasant and noxious fumes and odors when conducting site visits. These sites are usually outside, and the employee would be exposed to local weather conditions. Site visits may occur up to two to three times a month. Requires valid vehicle operator’s license and occasional travel within the State, including overnights. Less occasionally, travel may be required outside the State.


IMPACT ON PROJECTS, SERVICES AND OPERATIONS: Performs as a critical member of a team of professionals working to investigate environmental exposures within the State of Michigan.


Contact Person/Group



Unit Manager Daily Guidance & Direction

Project Manager Daily Coordination of tasks and assignments

Team Members Daily Coordination of tasks and assignments

For purposes of employment standards, this classification is “Non-E xempt” from overtime provisions of the fair Labor Standards Act.

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