Novametallix Inc.

NMX is seeking a paid intern or entry level hire with a BS or MS geologist or mining engineer to become a member of our Resource Development Group. This job might start as part-time and go to full-time with success. Pay will depend on experience. This position is open, and work could start as soon as June 1. Specific benefits are to be determined.

Significant fieldwork will be required, working with senior geologists and engineers in the company. Core work will be geological with or without an engineering component. Typical work will include field mapping and surveying, collecting and managing assay samples, working with drillers and other heavy equipment operators, managing and analyzing geochemical data, working with spreadsheets and Google Earth, preparing Power Point presentations, preparing memos, and supporting other NMX functions such as permitting, metallurgical engineering, process engineering, land and title, economic analysis and GIS. Fieldwork will require being in good physical condition, and a physical exam might be required. 10-hour work days might be required for some fieldwork. NMX enforces a strict no-drug policy as a condition of employment.

In the summer, >50% of the time will be spent at mine sites (in the field) (not in the office), working with others out of a motel and on expense account. The rest of the time, the geologist will report to an office in NMX headquarters in Englewood, CO. In the winter, the amount of fieldwork might be <30%. Flexibility in scheduling and frequent travel will be required of the new employee. A personal vehicle will be important, but not required.

The company will not pay relocation costs.

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